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In the NoFo

In the Nofo: Best Desserts on the North Fork

February 23, 2018



The past couple of months have gone by *fairly* quickly at Lieb. We’re grateful that many of you have been braving the frigid temperatures to come visit. My co-workers and I, however, haven’t shared that same enthusiasm for going out. After a long day in the tasting room, pajamas by 7pm has become the norm this winter (which has been quite nice actually!). Of course, the occasional evenings when we do go out, we treat ourselves. Not just to dinner and drinks, but as of recently –  dessert. We never get dessert, but there’s something about a cold night that requires unnecessary indulging. Here are my picks for the best dessert spots on the North Fork: 

Frisky Oyster (27 Front St., Greenport)

For those of you who come to Lieb, you know that Frisky is one of the first places I’ll recommend for dinner. Recently, I’ve been going specifically for a post-dinner cocktail and yes – dessert. My go-to is the heavenly Bourbon brown sugar creme brûlée (a gluten-free option). The flourless chocolate hazelnut cake is a close second, and if you’re feeling super bougie, treat yourself to the dessert wine flight. 

1943 Pizza Bar (308 Main St., Greenport)

There’s one dessert item that’s incredibly hard for me to resist, and that is an ice cream sandwich. When I was little, the Chipwich was the only item I wanted from the ice cream truck. Luckily, for 26-year-old me, 1943 has given me the gift of a homemade ice cream cookie sandwich. This dessert is of course huge in the summer months, and the flavors vary (as do the cookies). They’re not something to skip out on. 

North Fork Table & Inn (57225 Main Rd., Southold)

North Fork Table is the one North Fork restaurant where you absolutely go to splurge. Don’t hold back when ordering dinner, and more importantly, do not decline dessert. Keep in mind of course that the dessert options change season to season. The warm sugar & spice doughnuts are a resounding yes, as is the chocolate-caramel tart made with salted caramel ice cream. If you want to stick with the ice cream sandwich theme, go for the coffee-toffee ice cream sandwich, made with salted peanuts and roasted bananas. North Fork Table’s desserts are next level. 

So before you decide to put on your winter pajamas at 7pm, remember that there are roughly three more hours (most kitchens close at 10pm) to indulge on a high-calorie treat. Life’s short, and your summer body can wait. 

Jul Fedele

Tasting Room Captain


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