From Beer to There

From Beer to There: Meritage & Greenport Harbor’s Imperial Stout

In this installment of From Beer to There, we’ll be talking about a couple heavy hitters. Our cabernet sauvignon based, Bordeaux-style blend, 2015 Lieb Reserve Meritage, and one of my favorite styles of beer, Imperial Stouts.  As they’re both big, bold and full of flavor, it just makes sense to draw comparisons between the two.

The term “Meritage” originated in California, when winemakers started crafting wines in a blended style similar to those in Bordeaux and felt they needed a...

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From Beer to There: Petit Verdot & Greenport Harbor’s Black Duck Porter

As cold snaps begin to descend upon us here on the North Fork, we look to find solace in heartier beverages. We seek wines and beers that provide a bit more grit and weight – darker beers and bold, full-bodied red wines. My trusted friends this time of year are the Porter, with its roasted malty goodness and it’s wine compatriot, Petit Verdot, whose spice profile and rich blackberry notes light the fire of warmth on my palate and in my belly. These two hearty souls are the topic of today's...

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From Beer to There: Cabernet Franc and the Belgian Dubbel

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrr...

No, not Christmas, although it seems to be forcing itself upon us earlier and earlier each year. It’s Thanksgiving. The holiday that’s most important to me. It is fall’s grand finale, a time to celebrate and be thankful for our loved ones and all the blessings in our lives. We do so by stuffing ourselves to the brim with food and drink. I can close my eyes and taste the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and turkey. *Wipes...

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From Beer to There: Lieb Reserve Chardonnay & Blue Point’s Oktoberfest



Hallo meine Lieblingsleute! Translation: Hello my favorite people!

That’s right. It just so happens that “lieblings” means “favorite” in German. Boom.

And, this also happens to be my favorite time of year: the transition from summer to fall. The end of September brings us warm days, cool nights and the best reason to drink out of the biggest beer mug I own: Oktoberfest. This München, Germany tradition dates back to 1810 and is a 16-18 day beer festival leading...

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From Beer to There: Bridge Lane White Merlot & Greenport Harbor’s Beehive Summer Ale

As the heat of the early August sun beats down on Long Island’s North Fork, we are quick to seek refuge under trees, awnings, beach umbrellas and the like.  We search for coolness to escape the fiery grasp of our solar overlord, to feel refreshed.  This episode of “From Beer to There” is about just that.  Refreshment.

When I think of Lieb’s most refreshing wine, my mind goes straight to the blue bottle: Bridge Lane White Merlot.  This divine nectar of the vineyard is made with...

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From Beer to There: Bridge Lane Rosé & Montauk Watermelon Session Ale


Ah, summer on Long Island.  Long days, hot sun and cool ocean breezes.  Bikes rides down quiet roads and trips to the farm stand for fresh, colorful produce.  Al fresco dining, vineyard hopping and leisurely boat trips on the Peconic Bay. There is something so magical about the summer months here.  It’s as if all the year’s toils pay off in this season of bliss. And when I’m basking in the glory of Long Island summer, there’s one wine I’m reaching for: rosé. Light, fruity...

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From Beer to There: Lieb Cellars Reserve Pinot Blanc & Kölsch



Alright, folks. Time for another installment of From Beer to There, with me, your host, Derek. In this episode we’ll be discussing Lieb Cellars’ signature white wine, Pinot Blanc, and likening it to one my favorite spring-time beers, German Kölsch.

Pinot Blanc is lesser known (than say, Chardonnay) in the US but it’s a grape we’re very proud of at Lieb. Our 2015 vintage scored 90 points in Wine Advocate, and it’s also the backbone for our critically acclaimed...

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From Beer to There: Lieb Cellars Reserve Sauvignon Blanc & Pale Ale

Hello to everyone out in Lieb Land! This is the second installment of my blog topic, From Beer to There, where we will be drawing parallels between Lieb wines and craft beer. Today we will be discussing Lieb's Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and a versatile style in craft beer: Pale Ale.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorite white wine varieties. The grape originally hails from Bordeaux and the Loire Valley in France but also grows well on Long Island due to its ability to ripen quickly. It can offer...

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From Beer to There: A Journey From Craft Beer to Wine


Hey!  What’s going on my fellow Liebsters?  This is Derek from the tasting room.  In the upcoming months, I will attempt to help bridge the gap between craft beer and wine on our team blog. “Why?” you ask.  Well, I was lucky enough to spend a few years working in the craft beer industry prior to coming to Lieb, and what immediately struck me upon moving from beer into wine is just how similar my experiences have been – as both a consumer and professional.

I first got into...

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