My 5 Fave Things

My Five Favorite Things – Cory Browne

#1 - Books & travel guides - Nerd alert! I love reading in general, but my favorite books to read are usually travel guides or blogs about new places to add to my bucket list.

#2 - RV keys - I bought an RV on a whim this past September and spent three months renovating it. (Dreams do come true) I was super excited to spend the last two months travelling the good ole USA with my best friend!! (You can check out my trip at or @this.little.big.adventure...

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My Five Favorite Things – Dana Kowalsick

Peanut Butter – It’s the simple pleasures in life that make me happy. Peanut Butter has got to be one of the most simple foods (yes, it’s a food) and yet it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. I eat it swirled into my oatmeal with bananas, on Ezekiel bread with fresh strawberries, in stews, thai dishes, on a spoon straight out of the jar… yes, I went there. Peanut butter flows through my veins and my life wouldn’t be the same without it.

Passport – The first...

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Five Favorite Things – Becca Rock

1) Bicycle Helmet: I ride my bike EVERYWHERE in Brooklyn and now that I’ve been commuting this way for years I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I’ve never been one for subtlety when it comes to accessories and the moment I saw this helmet it was a done deal. I really knew I was winning at safety fashion the first time I saw a six-year-old wearing the exact same one while riding a Razor scooter.

2) Rewined Candle: I’ve always been big on the concept of certain scents bringing...

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My Five Favorite Things – Alice Falcone

1. We are surrounded by beaches whichever way you turn out here, and one of my favorite things to do is go to the Sound to collect SEA GLASS. It's an opportunity to completely and totally turn off my mind for a little while and spend a few hours searching for tiny pieces of treasure.

2. As represented by the enormous wedge of Beemster cheese, FOOD is high up there among my favorite things. I find so much joy in sharing meals with friends, cooking with my family, and trying new food. And by new...

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My Five Favorite Things – Ami Opisso

-Cliché but … my FAMILY.  My husband, 2 daughters (Renny + Gabi) and the best pup IN THE WORLD (who also happens to be our winery dog), Jersey – they make my life.  Renny is almost 3 now but I still wake up sometimes and find myself thinking about how crazy it is that I’m a full-fledge grown-up and a mom.  Like, wasn’t I just in high school, sneaking out and drinking wine coolers and 40’s with my friends at the beach? Where has the time gone!?  Seriously.

-I’m copying Alicia...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Mike Cook

Clearly there are many things to consider when considering a question so profoundly revealing of one’s self – MYself in this case. For whatever reason, I immediately dis-qualified wine…too obvious. Let’s pretend for a minute that wine is not one of my favorite things (feels weird just writing that). These are in no particular order… except that when it comes down to it, a good taco really goes a long way.

1) Tacos – quite possibly the perfect food & my favorite thing to cook...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Anthony Mattis

1. Running Shoes – I’ve been running both competitively and casually most of my life. I was originally a cross country guy and love running outside through nature trails but will settle for a treadmill if I have to. One of my favorite parts of living out on the East End is the abundance of great trails and country roads perfect for long jogs.

2. Sandals – The beach is definitely my favorite place to be. I was surprised to find out that here that requires a little more specificity. While...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Derek Lustig

1. First up, are my kick fins. These have seen some great waves in their day. I have owned this pair since 2004. And, they are still going strong. Body Boarding is a popular sport on Long Island, due to the sandbar breaks that can be super close to shore. The heavier and steeper the wave, the better. These fins have ridden The Wedge in Newport, CA, Gas Chambers and Crash Boats in Puerto Rico, and even experienced a 8-12 foot day at Long Beach right here on Long Island. They are my version of Ol'...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Alicia Ekeler-Valle

1) Yearly Planner: How lame could I possibly be to put my PLANNER on a list of favorite things? It’s lame, it’s true- but let me explain this one: My planner represents a blank slate of possibilities for all the days I have in a year’s time. If I get to decide how my year goes, why not plan some awesome things to look forward to? I’m also a recovering “say yes to everything” person and I have learned to pace my social and professional life in a realistic way that allows me to...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Jul Fedele

1. Dwight Schrute stress ball – This item is less about stress and more about comedy. A friend of mine thought it was Elton John when I first bought it (which, touché). If you don’t know who Dwight Schrute is, that tells me that you’ve never seen The Office, aaaaannnd for that you should be ashamed. The Office taught me how to have a sense of humor, and edified my idea of the absurd. To this day I will still give a Jim Halpert glance to an imaginary camera.

2. Keys – I’m one of...

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