Most ‘Grammable’ North Fork Spots – Lavender by the Bay

I have a few simple words for you to start off this post: Lavender by the Bay.  I take beautiful photos for a living, so I think I would be stripped of my duty as a contributor to this blog if I didn’t include this gem of a place. The lavender fields in East Marion typically bloom during June and July, with the largest and most colorful bloom taking place in early July, so catch it while you still can!

There is no limit to the amount of photo opportunities at the farm. From the moment you enter, your senses will be assaulted. The smell of the lavender, especially on a hot day, is heavenly, the sound of the buzzing bees is incredibly soothing, and the contrasting colors look almost otherworldly so you’ll definitely need #nofilter. If you kneel among the plants and stay very still, maybe you can capture the perfect Boomerang of a honeybee traveling from flower to flower.

Placed throughout the rows are lavender colored Adirondack chairs, the best spot for your next shot. If you’re visiting with friends, take turns playing photographer and model. That way, you all have the perfect photo to post to make the rest of your friends jealous of your beautiful day (you’ll find this will be a common thread throughout my blog posts, giving your friends Instagram FOMO). Otherwise, have a passerby take a photo of you and your friends together. People are usually willing to help out, so please don’t be tempted to bring along your selfie stick (though you’ll find they’re quite popular in the fields).

Or maybe you’ve decided to take yourself on a solo date to the lavender fields. Even better! Wander slowly through the blooms until you’ve found the ones that seem the most beautiful, somehow even brighter than the rest. Look around, make sure no one is looking and snap that selfie (again, no stick please). But of course I approve of selfies, you are your own best photographer! Pro-tip: plan your visit for mid-week, when the farm is much quieter. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the place to yourself, but you’ll certainly have a better chance at getting the perfect selfie that looks like you do!

With all that being said, no photo will ever be as beautiful as the experience of actually being there. I highly recommend a visit even if you don’t take one single picture. There’s color as far as the eye can see, and the aroma is intoxicating. And remember, you can’t smell an Instagram post!

Alice Falcone

Lieb Cellars & Bridge Lane Wine Social Media Coordinator