Most ‘Grammable’ North Fork Spots: North Fork Brewing Co.

If you’re anything like me, these short, grey days really have you feeling the winter doldrums. We’re all craving sunlight, warmth, color, and maybe a little bit more booze than usual. Luckily, there’s a place nearby that delivers everything on this list! Head to Riverhead and give the crew at North Fork Brewing Company a visit. At any given time you’ll most likely find at least one of the owners, Ian or Pete, behind the bar to welcome you with a big smile (and alcohol). If you don’t see them, they’re probably in the back brewing up something new and tasty!

So first off, let’s talk about the space. The brewery and tasting room inhabit the former Second Street firehouse, a beautiful historic building in downtown Riverhead. Since it’s a town landmark, they’ve chosen to keep the integrity of the outside completely intact; even the old alarm tower is still standing. But walk inside and the place has been completely transformed.

As you enter, you’ll immediately notice the eye catching mural that takes up almost an entire wall. If it doesn’t inspire you to take a photo right away, you might not have a pulse. It’s the perfect backdrop for a quick selfie or a group photo with your friends. Make sure to tag the brewery on Instagram so maybe they’ll repost you!

Since it’s getting colder by the day, you’ll obviously want to stay cozy inside, but in warmer months the front bay door of the building is wide open, letting in the sunlight and a beautiful breeze. Speaking of, is it May yet? But even with the door closed these days, the warm colors and wood accents keep the space feeling bright and sunshiney.

It goes without saying that I love the beer here, but the way they present their tastings is what makes the experience even better. Everyone has their own way: at Lieb and Bridge Lane we use terra cotta plant trays, at other breweries you’ll find trays made from barrel staves or slate. But here at North Fork Brewing Company, simply tell the bartender which four wines you’d like to try, and you’ll be handed four short pours of beer in a MINI MUFFIN PAN. If that’s not the cutest way to present beer, I don’t know what is. It obviously also makes for a great overhead shot to post on your story!

The bar is long and welcoming, the seating is communal and plentiful, and it’s rare that I walk in and don’t see at least one familiar face. So if you’re looking for an escape from the cold, I’m sure I’ll see you there!

Alice Falcone

Lieb Cellars & Bridge Lane Wine Social Media Coordinator