Most ‘Grammable’ North Fork Spots: #TeamLieb’s Favorite Wineries

Let me start off by saying that yes, of course I am biased towards the Lieb Cellars and Bridge Lane tasting rooms. I think we should be the first stop on everyone’s North Fork wine tour. But it’s also no secret among the staff of the local tasting rooms that on a day off, the last thing we want to do is hang out at our job. Don’t get me wrong, I still do from time to time! Lieb was the vineyard I frequented most before being employed there. But after a long, busy weekend, it’s nice to be on the other side of the bar for a change. 

Since I don’t get the opportunity very often to visit the other tasting rooms, I’m always sure to snap photos and update my Instagram story all day. After all, if you didn’t story it, did it actually even happen?

Sparkling Pointe in Southold is definitely one of my top picks for a glass of wine, especially in the summer. The patio overlooks the vines and is the perfect backdrop for photos. Don’t get me wrong, this place is an Instagram goldmine, even in the winter, so don’t delay your visit just because of the weather. The wine is all sparkling, all the time, so what better way to showcase that than with a Boomerang of all those pretty bubbles! Even better, each glass is etched with their beautiful branding, so there will be no question as to where you’re spending a beautiful afternoon. 

My next stop is one I frequent most in the colder months, Sherwood House in Jamesport. It’s cozy, inviting and has a FIREPLACE, so it’s the perfect place to lose track of time. Why brave the madness of errands in Riverhead (because that’s usually the only reason I drive any further west than Aquebogue) when instead you can relax with a glass of delicious red and warm up by the fire? Sit on the hearth and snap a selfie or two (careful, the flame isn’t covered). Why should your friends on tropical vacations with their toes in the sand get to have all the fun?

I have to admit, especially in the summer, these local tasting rooms feel too close to home sometimes. When I’m looking for a real escape, it’s as simple as hopping on two short ferries and making my way to the South Fork. A usual day-cation starts with pizza in Montauk (shout out to Pizza Village for the best slice out here) and ends at Wölffer Estate in Sagaponack. Their tasting room is one of the most tastefully decorated spaces on the East End. Every corner is begging to be photographed, but I think the ultimate shot is one of a cheese plate and a tasting. The tasting arrives portioned into tiny carafes, which you can pour (and photograph) at your leisure, and each wine is labeled in chalk on slate. The cheese and charcuterie comes beautifully assembled, complete with crackers and condiments. If you’ve brought friends, or in my case a hungry fiancée, be sure to take your photos quickly as the wine and cheese tend to disappear fast!

At the end of the day, of course I will always be loyal to our beautiful tasting room on Oregon Road. I mean, have you seen our sunsets? Come ON. But it sure is wonderful to be surrounded by so many other beautiful vineyards and tasting rooms in this magical wine region of ours!

Alice Falcone

Lieb Cellars & Bridge Lane Social Media Coordinator