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Shades of Pink: A Comparative Rosé Tasting

Shades of Pink: A Comparative Rosé Tasting

Sunday June 2nd, 2024
12 PM + 2:30PM
Suhru Wines - Directions

Rose All Day? No Way… Rose Forever!: A Comparative Rosé Tasting hosted at the Suhru Wines Tasting House!  We get it… the Rosé All Day bubble has burst. But, rosé is so much more than a wall of pretty pink bottles at the wine shop – we want you to find your Forever Rosé! In this class, we leave the trendiness to the TikTokers and explore the versatility of rosé. Rosé in winter? Why not!

Rosé with dinner? Go for it! A Sparkling Rosé toast on New Year’s Eve? We are here for it! We’ll taste a range of rosé styles and examine how they are impacted by grape varietal and length of skin contact prior to fermentation. Vive la Rosé!

In this 90 minute class we will taste 6+ different styles of Rosé, paired with light bites and dive into the vast variability in style and flavor profiles found in rosé wines. Reservations Required.

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