Lieb Behind the Scenes: March 2020

Woah, guys. I thought about not writing my blog at all this quarter. I mean, what can I possibly say right now? Does what's happening "behind the scenes" at Lieb even matter? Can I offer any words that will be at all helpful or insightful? No. This crisis is so much bigger than me, than Lieb.

Yet, here I am typing. I feel compelled to say SOMETHING.

What feels right, I think, is not to report on what's going on here, but simply to take this post to wish everyone reading this health, perspective...

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I’m Obsessed: Things I can’t get enough of right now!




The Bridge Lane Bubbles Can

Ok so take it as you may, but I am going to just start with some shameless self-promotion: THE BRIDGE LANE BUBBLES CAN. It’s bubbly, it’s heckin’ cute, and its *just* sweet enough to make it completely crushable. I was already obsessed with our Bridge Lane cans – this took it to the next level.


Besides the obvious convenience of it being in a can, the versatility of the wine itself is actually my favorite...

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Where’s Aimée?: Italian Edition

Way back in January I participated in the 3rd Annual Valpolicella Education Program.  I spent an intense week in Verona, Italy, studying subject matters such as “Valpolicella Genetic and Environmental Resources,” “The Wines of Valpolicella: Winemaking Peculiarities and Compositional Characteristics,” “The Rules on the Names of Wines: Labels, Designations of Origin, Trademarks, Producer Associations and Production Regulations,” and of course tasting!

Why would the NYC Brand Ambassador...

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Most Grammable North Fork Spots: Black Llama Bar

If you’ve visited Greenport before, odds are you’ve walked through Stirling Square. Maybe you stopped in for a pizza at 1943 or for a drink at the outside bar at American Beech (featured previously in this blog series). American Beech is one of the most impeccably designed spaces in the village, so it comes as no surprise that their new sister bar, Black Llama, is just as chic. While Beech is closed for the winter season, their neighboring bar just across the square is keeping its patrons...

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Lieb Behind the Scenes – December 2019


How are we wrapping up another year already!? My sixth year at Lieb Cellars, in fact. And when I sit back and reflect on these past years, I think it’s fair to call 2019 the “year of the curveball” at Lieb Cellars. 2013 was my first year and was all about learning the business. 2014 was about planning our rebrands and overhauling the company from the ground up. 2015 was when our new brands were launched and we began to rebuild. 2016 was when we got serious and really started to...

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