I’m Obsessed: Things I can’t get enough of right now! (late spring 2020 quarantine edition)

SO, clearly the angle with which I am approaching this list has changed greatly. Instead of obsessing over an object first, I’m instead obsessing over the TRIUMPH of the SPIRIT I'm witnessing. These are dark times and yet every single day I am touched or impressed by peoples' ability to rise to the occasion and help in some capacity. The level of compassion, industriousness and creativity coming from citizens and businesses alike has been very inspiring - a true triumph of the spirit despite the...

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Where’s Aimée?: At Home Watching Netflix

I love BBQ! I’ve attended the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, I know the differences between North Carolina and South Carolina styles, I lived in Texas for a few years, and even though I never worked at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, I have the menu committed to memory. So the new film Uncorked on Netflix, which covers wine but also features smoky meat treats, had me curious.  My only regret is that I didn’t order BBQ while watching it.

The story takes place in Memphis and centers around a young...

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Lieb Behind the Scenes: March 2020

Woah, guys. I thought about not writing my blog at all this quarter. I mean, what can I possibly say right now? Does what's happening "behind the scenes" at Lieb even matter? Can I offer any words that will be at all helpful or insightful? No. This crisis is so much bigger than me, than Lieb.

Yet, here I am typing. I feel compelled to say SOMETHING.

What feels right, I think, is not to report on what's going on here, but simply to take this post to wish everyone reading this health, perspective...

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I’m Obsessed: Things I can’t get enough of right now!




The Bridge Lane Bubbles Can

Ok so take it as you may, but I am going to just start with some shameless self-promotion: THE BRIDGE LANE BUBBLES CAN. It’s bubbly, it’s heckin’ cute, and its *just* sweet enough to make it completely crushable. I was already obsessed with our Bridge Lane cans – this took it to the next level.


Besides the obvious convenience of it being in a can, the versatility of the wine itself is actually my favorite...

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Where’s Aimée?: Italian Edition

Way back in January I participated in the 3rd Annual Valpolicella Education Program.  I spent an intense week in Verona, Italy, studying subject matters such as “Valpolicella Genetic and Environmental Resources,” “The Wines of Valpolicella: Winemaking Peculiarities and Compositional Characteristics,” “The Rules on the Names of Wines: Labels, Designations of Origin, Trademarks, Producer Associations and Production Regulations,” and of course tasting!

Why would the NYC Brand Ambassador...

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