Most ‘Grammable’ North Fork Spots: Little Creek Oysters

Hi everyone! In case we haven’t formally met yet, I’m Alice and I’m the face behind most of the photographs you see on our Instagram, Facebook, and website. If you ever see a girl running around the tasting room like crazy with a camera, it’s probably me, so stop and say hi! 

As the Lieb Cellars & Bridge Lane Wine social media coordinator, I thought it only appropriate that my contribution to the blog be social media-based. So I’m here to give you the inside scoop on the most ‘grammable’ (that’s a word now) spots on the North Fork. After all, isn’t the point of Instagram to make your friends jealous about how beautiful your day off/vacation looks? No? Just me? Well, anyway!

I’m going to start things off strong with one of my favorite spots in Greenport, Little Creek Oysters. First of all, the shop is located in an adorable old building with a crazy history. It started out as the wheelhouse of a whaling ship, but was cut off and brought to shore when the whaling industry ended sometime in the 19th century. It was a bait and tackle shop before it became the home of Little Creek, which is obvious from the iconic, weathered sign that reads “Bait and Tackle”. The sign is a perfect shot for your story (and don’t forget to tag the location!).

If you’re looking for the best overall experience at Little Creek, locals know that you should always “go shuck yourself”. You get a bucket of oysters, a glove, a knife, and a quick tutorial from the staff. Then you’re on your own! Post a Boomerang of you shucking your first oyster, and let me know how many likes you get. I’ll wait.


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If you’ve opted to have your oysters shucked for you, never fear. There are still plenty of photo ops coming your way. The oysters are always beautifully laid out on a bed of crushed ice, garnished with lemon wedges and a ramekin of mignonette, so we won’t blame you if you stand up on your chair to get the perfect overhead shot. Pretty overhead oyster shots always win Instagram

Once you’ve had your fill of bivalves, walk up Bootleg Alley to head back into town. That’s where you’ll see my favorite photo opportunity at Little Creek. Their shucking gloves are hung to dry on strings with clothespins and when they’re framed against the pretty white wall, it’s hard to resist taking one last picture. It’s an iconic North Fork photo opp that shouldn’t be missed.

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Still reading? I’m flattered! But now it’s time to get out there and start making your friends jealous with your best summer photos!


Alice Falcone

Lieb Cellars & Bridge Lane Wine Social Media Coordinator