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In the Nofo: Top 3 Insta-Worthy Spots on the North Fork

June 10, 2016

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Photo Credit: Jon Schusteritsch

As much as the North Fork seems to be a place far removed from the world of social media, Facebook check-ins and Instagram tags have now marked just about every inch of farmland and shoreline. Of course, that’s not to say that a drive through Southold won’t *still* leave you with zero bars and the inability to shoot a text without that blue send bar making an unwelcome appearance. Despite the lack of cell towers, our use of social media on the North Fork has played a critical role in putting both the Long Island wine region and hospitality industry on the map. Those seemingly irrelevant location tags and handles lead us to hidden gems that make us feel as if we’ve made our own personal discoveries. (Christopher Columbus would’ve benefited from it immensely with that whole West Indies blunder.)

Anyway, the objective of this blog post is to lead you to some of my favorite “Insta-worthy” locations on the North Fork. These are my top three spots that make for a solid photo-op, and no – they do not require a filter.

Lieb Cellars (13050 Oregon Rd., Cutchogue)

I’d obviously be remiss if I didn’t mention our patio. As most of our visitors know, our view on Oregon Road makes for some incredible sunsets (and selfies). Although I’ve seen many a sunset in my past two and half years at Lieb, it’s a view that never ever gets old. Right around closing time, the sky leaves most people forgetting their open bottles and half full glasses as they scramble for their phones to capture the scene in front of them. I know I work here and am slightly biased, but if you’re looking to leave your Instagram followers in awe, come by our patio at sunset.

Kimogenor Point (Kimogenor Point Rd., New Suffolk)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a resident of New Suffolk and can’t say enough about my quaint, little hamlet.  Kimogenor Point is technically a private road – a single street that juts out to a point into the Peconic Bay (hence the name). Summer homes line both sides of the point, and it’s inhabitants reappear just around Memorial Day weekend. A swim in the creek isn’t necessarily recommended, but I do suggest you get a glimpse of this location for yourself. Whether you’re clamming in the creek or fishing off the bridge, Kimogenor Point always provides an opportunity for the perfect picture.

Schmitt’s Farm (Sound Ave., Riverhead)

Schmitt’s, a family-owned farm located right on Sound Avenue in Riverhead, has probably graced your newsfeed at one time or another. The reason for this craze – sunflowers. Around July, Schmitt’s fields EXPLODE with sunflowers. It’s become such a noteworthy sight that even Katy Perry used this location for the cover of her album Prism back in 2013*. Needless to say, a quick stop to this location for a pic (and some local produce) is highly recommended as you journey east.

With the summer upon us, we all know that our feeds will soon be blown up with poolside selfies and a plethora of beach views. Give these locations some love this season as you hashtag your way through the North Fork – #nofilternecessary.

*No, Prism was not my favorite KP album, but I do enjoy “Dark Horse” on occasion.

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